Organic Rice Field With Dew Drops

I loved these two programmes on the BBC – presented by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall but it was shocking to see the amount of fresh, nutritious food that is thrown away in the UK because it’s not ‘pretty’ enough for our supermarket shelves – and the businesses who produce it who are struggling or, worse, shutting down.

I would buy ‘wonky’ veg – but, as Hugh did, I question the approach of the supermarket in the programme that tried to sell them at the same price as the ‘perfect’ ones – surely a discounted price is appropriate to encourage sales?

I also use up my leftovers – the freezer helps with this, as does my penny pinching – and try to recycle all I can – but occasional reminders do us all good, perhaps?

If you’re interested, missed seeing the programmes, and can’t find them online anywhere there are other sources of information around such as: