I was reminded recently of something someone said to me a few years ago.

She was in her early forties and said that she’d got to the stage in her life when it was more important (to her) to be kind than to be right.

This has popped into my mind, since, on many occasions: when I’ve caught myself correcting someone else on a point of fact and seen their face fall, or been so intent on winning an argument that I’ve lost sight of the bigger picture, or dug my heels in to get my own way on something that, at the time, I thought mattered – and then not enjoyed the victory. I remain ‘work-in-progress’ on this, as on many things!

In my experience, we all have a need to be right on some occasions – and will argue till the cows come home on some things – but I think most of us mellow a bit as we get older. We notice and, hopefully, come to terms with, our own faults and failings – making our own mistakes along the way. We balance these with some successes, too, testing and proving ourselves and our capabilities in the realms of work, relationships, parenthood, sport or hobbies, and so on. With luck, in the process, we learn a few things and gain a little wisdom – including the ability to let some things go.

How would you prefer to be remembered, I wonder? For being kind, or for being right? Does it differ depending on who it is that might be remembering you? Or not?