In the latest episode in the series broadcast last night Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall updated us on progress since last time and is now targeting the big coffee shop chains for using cups that aren’t recyclable (even though many of us thought they were – I did) and the amount of packaging used by Amazon.

He also discovered people being more creative with their recycling – such as learning to mend electronic items instead of throwing them away.

It’s great to see trends towards less waste from some of the supermarkets and imperfect/wonky veg more readily available on the shelves in the UK – I buy them and so do many people I know.

As for Amazon, although the packaging is itself recyclable, it hadn’t occurred to me that the use of unnecessarily large boxes impacts on the number that can be loaded onto each vehicle, and hence also on the transport and environmental costs – so it’s worth us giving them feedback when it is excessive.

Coffee cups seems such an obvious potential win – we waste so many – 2.5 billion a year in the UK Hugh says. And I loved the battle bus!

If you’d like to read more, here’s a link to the BBC news magazine article.