How great was it to see Matthew Rees help David Wyeth finish the London Marathon yesterday?

If you didn’t see it you can watch it here.

Some have called it the moment that defined the race.

For me it’s a beautiful example of what I wrote about previously in my blog Lean on Me’ – how we can really help one another – and, in this case, it was also a shining example of sportsmanship.

When I saw him interviewed on BBC Breakfast this morning Rees was very humble about what he’d done “… anyone would have done the same …”.

And Wyeth, as well as being grateful, said that this illustrated the spirit that exists in the running community.

I wonder if this might be the start of a long-term friendship for the two of them.

Another friendship born out of adversity is the one between Jonny Benjamin and Neil Laybourne who also completed the same marathon yesterday. Benjamin was suicidal when they met and Laybourne was the ‘Stranger on the Bridge’ who helped him.

A heartwarming start to the week, I think…