I am CIPD qualified (MCIPD) and have a background in corporate learning and development, having designed and delivered training on various topics.

As an external facilitator I come with no set agenda. I can be a fresh pair of eyes on a situation, the person who feels able to ask the ‘stupid’ or obvious questions, the one who can help those who struggle to get their point across to participate more fully.

Sometimes, especially in difficult or turbulent times, an external facilitator can help you to tease out those knotty issues or voice things that might otherwise be glossed over and to plan and prioritise what needs doing next.

I’ve worked with corporate clients as well as charities (large and small) and other not-for-profit organisations to facilitate team meetings, planning & strategy awaydays and team building events.

I’d be happy to discuss what you think you need and see if we can tailor an approach to suit your organisation and circumstances.

Terms and conditions will be agreed with each client as part of the contract for services.