I am CIPD qualified (MCIPD) and have a background in corporate learning and development. I have previously designed and delivered training in:

  • management and leadership skills
  • interpersonal skills and communication – including use of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI)
  • staff and management representatives in consultation exercises and on staff councils
  • personal reactions to, and management of, change
  • stress management
  • interactions with staff, customers or service users who may be in a vulnerable state
  • suicide alertness and prevention


I’ve recently delivered in-house workshops on:

  • Working with clients in video and on the phone
  • Working with grief and loss – how is this affected by covid-19?

I’m also developing workshops and/or support groups for individuals (which can also be delivered in-house) on topics such as:

  • Loss and bereavement,
  • Personal resilience.

My style is interactive and I draw on a wide base of resources as well as the knowledge, experience and ideas that learners bring with them.

Experience suggests that bite-size chunks are easier to digest and implement. Action Learning Groups can be a great way to share challenges, knowledge and experience as well as developing and improving professional networks. Smart use of technology can bring together people who otherwise might find it difficult to meet up.

I encourage people to take responsibility for their own learning and I don’t believe in ‘reinventing the wheel’. So often I find that we already know the answer, know someone else who does, or have information and resources at our disposal that we’re just not using.

I’m happy to discuss bespoke design and delivery, including learning needs analysis where appropriate, according to specific and local needs.

Terms and conditions will be agreed with each client as part of the contract for services.