This way of communicating may be familiar to you if you already chat using text, instant messaging or live chat.

You may use software or apps – such as Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp or Google Hangouts.

You might like the immediacy of being able to chat in real time and prefer that I don’t see you (as I would with video) or hear you (as with phone or VoIP). Writing may feel more comfortable as a way of expressing yourself but you might not want to wait for my replies as you would need to with email sessions.

I currently use Zoom (we switch off our cameras and microphones to do this) – it’s like Skype messaging, but deemed to be more secure. You don’t have to download the software beforehand but should you wish to take a look at it, please visit:

You will need a private space your end, a good internet connection and be using a device that enables you to type comfortably.