Based upon my own practice and experience, I offer supervision 1:1 and in groups for:

  • coaching
  • counselling
  • coaching and counselling combined

This may also include personal and/or business coaching.

I work integratively as a counsellor and coach, and as a supervisor and trainer and my approach to supervision is based on supporting you to be the best you can be.

We will be different from each other, and that’s good, as it’s based on these differences that we will both learn. And, yes, I always learn something from each and every one of my supervisees.

I don’t expect we will all always agree on everything, but hope that we will build safety and trust so that any disagreement can be raised and discussed constructively.

If at any time you’re not getting what you need from our sessions, I encourage you to tell me – preferably within the session, so that we have a chance to explore it and address it.

We will undertake regular reviews of how we’re working together but, again, I encourage you not to wait for the next review if there is something pressing that is getting in the way of the sessions supporting you in the way that you need.

My favoured supervision model is Inskipp and Proctor’s normative, formative and restorative functions/processes – because it’s so simple and encompasses all the areas that I think are important:

  • Formative/Educative is about developing the skills, understanding and abilities of the supervisee.
  • Managerial / Normative provides the quality control of the work with clients and derives from the supervisor’s managerial and ethical responsibilities to ensure the client’s welfare.
  • Supportive/Restorative is a way of responding to supervisees who have themselves become affected by the distress, pain and fragmentation of the clients.

During our work these aspects will all feature – but not always to the same degree, as we will tailor what we do and how we do it according to your personal needs, the priorities of the day and your clients.

When it’s appropriate, I also draw on The Seven–Eyed Model (Hawkins & Shohet), Egan’s Skilled Helper Model, the Johari Window and NLP.

Face-to-face sessions are temporarily suspended due to UK Government restrictions re Covid-19.

However, we can meet online via:

I work with adults only – so, if you’re looking for supervision of work with Children and Young People, I’m not the right choice.

You can find out more about me, how I workmy professional qualifications and memberships and the fees I charge on other pages here.

If you’d like to talk through the possibility of us working together, please do get in touch.