This story in the Daily Mail made me smile today and I’m sure it will resonate with a lot of parents out there, especially now that so many of us are back in lockdown and with children being home-schooled again.

I’m sure many of us can understand the Dad’s level of frustration when, let’s face it, he’s simply trying to encourage healthy habits in his children and which resulted in, what some might consider, a rather extreme response on his part.

He unplugged the wifi router and took it out with him and his wife when they went for the walk in question.

His took a photo of himself out with the router and his social media post read: “Kids refused to come out and we gave up trying to drag them so took the WiFi for a walk instead.”

Chaos could have ensued but, in this case, it seems to have had a really positive effect.

When he got back, the kids had cleaned the house, not argued, and were playing Monopoly.

Who saw that coming?

I’m sure he didn’t, and neither did the kids.

Just goes to show that what we do does matter, and what boredom and/or (temporarily, at least) interrupting ‘bad’ habits can do…

Good for him!