I love the sight, sound, and smell of the sea so I moved to Goring-by-Sea in Worthing on the south coast of the UK a few years ago so that I can really enjoy it.

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I’m self-employed now, but started off in the corporate world and have a background in finance and business, as well as human resources and learning and development – as a member of a team, a manager, and working on my own.

Since being self-employed I’ve worked with individuals, teams, and a variety of industries – including small, medium and large organisations – and several charities.

We all have times when everything feels out of kilter, when we feel we’re not coping, or we can’t see what’s next – and I’ve had my share of these, too.

Or perhaps something has happened and you’re trying to make sense of it and work out what to do next.

It’s in these moments that coaching and/or counselling can be most helpful.

I think it’s important to recognise that we each see the world differently – through the lens of our own life experience, beliefs and values.

For example, work can take many forms – based at home or elsewhere, paid or unpaid, employed or self-employed, full or part-time. What we do might be described as a job, a career, a vocation, a calling, or a more general purpose in life.

When this is going well we tend to thrive but when it goes badly, or we have none (because of unemployment or following redundancy, ill health or retirement, perhaps), it can affect so many other things – not just our cash flow, but also how we feel about ourselves, our role(s) in life, and our place in the world.

The state of our relationships, our health, and the health of those we care about can have a similarly stabilising (or de-stabilising) effect on us, too, and achieving some form of balance across all the various aspects of our lives isn’t always easy.

Our emotional health and well-being is important – personal resilience being key to how we survive (and thrive) in a busy and complex world and how we deal with all the challenges and changes that life entails – including those we welcome, and those we don’t.

You’re investing your time and money, so we work to your agenda. We will use our combined life experience and, occasionally, some theoretical models to examine what you think, feel and do, how you interact with others, and how you can address whatever it is that brings you here.

Most of my face-to-face appointments are daytime and early evening on weekdays, whereas I’m able to offer a bit more flexibility in the evenings and the occasional Saturday appointment if we’re working online.

Usually we’ll stick to one way of working (face-to-face, video, phone or VoIP, chat or email)  but we can switch if you find that what we’re doing doesn’t suit you or your circumstances change. Similarly, if circumstances dictate a need for flexibility in order to make our sessions possible – for example if you’re travelling with work – we’ll negotiate the best way of doing this.

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