I was at a CIPD Sussex Branch Conference on the Future of Work yesterday which was excellent.

One of the speakers, Leatham Green (whose session I really enjoyed) showed a couple of short, very funny and thought-provoking YouTube clips about how we copy other people’s behaviour even if we don’t know why or it doesn’t make any sense. I’ve written about this phenomenon before in my post: The Psychology of Unwritten Rules’.

I thought I’d share these clips with you now because I really like them and hope that you will, too – the first is just under 4 minutes and the second just 2½ minutes – and I think both are well worth taking the time to watch for the entertainment value alone.

The first one is a social experiment:

The second one is from ‘Candid Camera’ – a TV programme which was a social experiment in itself, and which I remember fondly from my youth:

Both clips make me think again about how much I conform – consciously or unconsciously – and whether I might even conduct my own mini experiments now and then – just to see who joins Smiling Face With Open Mouth & Smiling Eyes on Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Updatein…